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Incorporation Consulting
Incorporation Consulting
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Our Package Start Off
As Low As $50.00 Per Week

*Daily Online Classified Ad Placement, on the top 10 sites like Craigslist, Backpage, &
Website Design
*Local Search Engine Listing
Website Design
*Video Recording and Submission service to top sites like YouTube, Viddler, HowCast, Revver, & More.
Website Design
*Internet Yellow Page Listing
Website Design
*Local Web 2.0 Social Networking listings To Site Like
Website Design
*Google Places/ Google Maps
Website Design
*Yahoo Local Listing
Website Design
*Face Book Fan Page(Business Page) Set Up
Website Design
*Twitter Set Up with a series of tweets ready to go!
Website Design
*PLR Articles (To post on your Web Site To Build Relevance or In the Article Directories )
Website Design
*Complete Full Service SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For Your Website
Website Design
*Online /Off Line Campaign Marketing!
Website Design
*Blog Site Building And Content Updates!
Website Design
*Local/ GEO PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing!


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We will create you a professionally designed website for as low as $199.00
Silver Packages

+ $5.00 a month hosting fee

The perfect package for the starting business who wants their own unique domain name and email direct to your own domain ie, ""

Package Includes:

• 3-page basic web site.
• Up to 4 free site updates in
  your first year
• Individual hosting.
• Search engine registration.
• Google Analytics.
• Free domain registration
• One free email account

Silver Packages
Gold Packages

+ $8.00 a month hosting fee

The best package for the small to midsized business that's growing and wants the room to make a statement about their business through content and video.

Package Includes:

• Up to 6 pages.
• 8 free site updates in your
  first year
• Custom Scripting
• Individual hosting
• Search engine registration.
  indexing. Up to 130 search
• Free Domain registration.
• Google Analytics.
• Map - Geo Targeting
• 5 email accounts
• 5 local online directory listing

Gold Packages
Platinum Packages

+ $10.00 a month hosting fee

The Platinum Package list of features is unmatched in the industry. This package includes over $2,500.00 in free bonuses.

Package Includes:

• Up to 10 pages search engine
  optimized LSI words to get
  Google's attention for natural
  search rankings
• Up to 12 free site updates in
  your first year
• Custom Scripting
• Flash Animation
• Individual hosting
• 2 years of free domain
• Domain registration.
• Google Analytics.
• 10 free email accounts
• $2,500 in free bonuses

Platinum Package
The Platinum Package Also Includes:

• Professional video and pictures of your business uploaded to your website and up to 25 of the top video sites like Youtube, Metacafe, Viddler, HowCast, Daily Motion, EHow and more.

• Local search engine listings with YahooLocal, CitySearch, and many more.

• Internet Yellow Page listings with companies like,, and more.

• Get listed in local social networking 2.0 sites like and more.

• Get listed in online data providers and aggregaters - Meta Search engines and special search engines.

Site Samples    (Click to Enlarge)
SIlver Gold Platinum
Silver Website Packages Gold Website Packages Platinum Website Packages
Silver Website Packages Gold Website Packages Platinum Website Packages
Silver Website Packages Gold Website Packages Platinum Website Packages

Client Councelingquestions & answers

What do I need to do to prepare?
Of course, we'll need your help with the content - because no one knows your business better than you do.

Gather up your company information - Do you have any ads in print? Do you have any flyers or brochures? It is also helpful if you have photos of your products, your staff, your building or anything else pertinent to your business. If you don't have these things - don't worry. Our trained Internet Consultants will help you to put together your site & pull from our large image library if necessary. If you do, we'll arrange for them to be sent to us.

I already have E-mail through AOL- Why would I want the E-mail accounts included in my package?
When you have email at your domain name - i.e., you advertise your business and your web address every time you send an E-mail and it looks more professional than an aol address. Further, you can forward your messages to your other E-mail account if you wish, so that you don't need to check in two places.

What if I need additional pages, or E-mail addresses, etc.?
No Problem! Prices to upgrade your site are in line with our regular low prices. Just ask your Customer Service Representative for specifics.

What can I do to promote my web site?
There are many ways to promote your site, some of the simplest and the best, is to put your www address on everything. Put it on your business cards, your letterhead, your awning and company vehicles. Put it in every ad & brochure you put in print - after all - they can't change, but your website can.

In addition, when you buy a website from us, we will submit your site to hundreds of top search engines regularly.

We can also place on-line advertising for you at leading on-line yellow pages web sites, banner advertising on top sites and register you with paid search engines like Yahoo.

How do I pick a good "www" name?
Short is better than long, although spelled out is generally better than abbreviated, and a name ending in .com is still better than .net or some of the other domain extensions out there. Just try to keep your name relevant and easy to remember. Also - remember, there are no spaces or special characters allowed in your name (except a dash). Be careful with the dash however. Imagine you're & having to say "my dash domain dash name" everytime you want to convey your name. It's probably best to skip it.

What about ".ws, .tv" and other new extensions?
They're out there, but unless you're dead set on a .com name that's already taken, it's not recommended. "Dot com" is still the best-known naming convention by far and even if you do secure a name with an alternate extension, you could run into a turf war with the .com owner of your domain.

Why is it Important to submit my site to Search Engines?
Submitting your site to search engines is one of the best ways to help people find your site - which is the point of having one, agreed? Statistics show that over 75% of web users use search engines on a regular basis. (April, 2000, RealNames Survey.)

What are the Top Search Engines?
As of 2009, the top 5 are as follows:
AOL Search

How long does it take to build my site?
We'll get started shortly after you decide to go with us. We'll contact you as often as needed during the website building process to ensure we're on the right track. Your templated site should be up & running in 2-3 weeks. A custom site might take slightly longer.

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Become a Business Credit Millionaire Get $50,000 to $100,000

why do you need a website?

Website DesignShow Your Products-
Even if it is a familiar item, customers are much more comfortable buying when they have tangible visual confirmation that what you got is what they want. And this isn’t all about retail sales... restaurants can show wonderful meals, roofers can show various types of roofing materials, pest control companies can show images of the insects they can eliminate.

Show Your Staff-
One of the disadvantages of the internet is that it can feel a bit cold and distant. By putting real people on your site you bridge this gap & make your business more human.

Show Your Physical Signage or Vehicles-
What is familiar is comfortable. If you have street presence or recognizable service vehicles, again your consumer will feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Show Your Building Interior or Facilities-
A beautiful dining room or showroom? Have state-of the art teeth whitening equipment or color copy machines? Show it all off to your best advantage.

Show Before & After Photos-
Whether you’re a painter, tanning or hair salon, carpet cleaner, furniture restorer or a plastic surgeon before & after photos are a great testimonial to your professional results. Your Style Make sure your website’s appearance mirrors your business style. Choose colors that match your logo & a look that tells consumers something about what to expect if they do business with you.

Show Your Interest-
Don’t forget to include a form requesting info about your customer. It’ll give him or her the chance to ask in a convenient manner. It’ll give you more information about your customer so you can make an effective sales pitch.

Tell Your Prices-
When someone is looking at your site they’re there because they’re ready to buy and they’re looking for more information. Don’t send them elsewhere by leaving out this important information.

Tell Your Policies-
Again - make the customer comfortable & give them all the info they need. What is your return policy? What strings are attached to your “free” inspection? What happens if the product arrives with a defect? What is meant by stain resistant?

Tell Your Location & Hours of Business-
Many consumers do their research on the internet, but make their purchase in person.

Tell Your E-mail Address & Phone Number-
In these times speed and accessibility are just plain expected.

Tell Answers to Common Questions-
You’re the expert. Here’s your chance to show off... (and provide valuable information in the process). You also give the consumer a reason to bookmark your site so they can refer to it again later.

Tell Your Customer Testimonials-
Let your customers sell you - it’s more convincing that tooting your own horn anyway.

Tell Why You’re the Best-
Customer testimonials are great - but here’s your chance to make sure they don’t leave anything out. Showing a comparison chart is great if your business.

Tell Your Affiliations & Awards-
Again these are effective ways to help the customer feel comfortable doing business with you.

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